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Samsung removes UFS 2.1 from the Galaxy S8 spec sheet

Samsung has recently removed UFS 2.1 from the Galaxy S8 spec sheet. This has happened right after Huawei’s memory substitution scandal on the P10 and P10 Plus. To those that don’t know, Huawei installed different memory chips in the two variants, which resulted in users getting very different read speeds. Seems like Samsung has done the same thing.

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How to save your parking location on Google Maps

On April 25th, Google rolled out a new update to Google Maps that allows users to save their parking location. The new update will allow you to save parking location, edit it, and share it with friends.

To save your parking location:

  1. Open Google Maps right after parking
  2. Tap on the blue button that indicates your location
  3. Tap on “Save your parking”

Doing so will save your parking indication, which will be indicated with a “You parked here”. “Parking Location” will appear at the bottom of the screen, and tapping on it will allow you to edit your parking location (notes such as exact parking spot), take a picture of it, and share it with friends.

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Your smartphone is starting to slow down? Here’s a few solutions

Two of the most interesting Android phones, the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 have just recently become available in the markets. Two devices that offer great features, and that many users will surely enjoy. One thing that might spoil this experience is a phone that suddenly starts “acting weird”. All electronic devices will probably face some problems eventually, from low-end devices to high-end flagship ones.  In this post, I will be focusing on simple solutions you can try when your phone starts to lag, slow down, or seem to use more battery. Of course, the below solutions are NOT restricted to the two brands mentioned earlier.

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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop

Microsoft announced today (2nd of May) their new Surface laptop, and no this one doesn’t detach. The new Surface laptop completely abandoned the 2-in-1 design of the Surface Book, for a more familiar clamshell laptop design. The new laptop runs Microsoft’s new Windows 10S, which is designed for students. This new version of Windows 10 is supposed to be more simplified, and only runs apps from the Windows Store.

Okay, so back to the laptop.

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الرجل الذي إحتال على جوجل وفيسبوك وسرق منهم 100 مليون دولار

قام رجلٌ ليتواني يدعى افالداس ريماساوسكاس، البالغ من العمر ثمانية واربعون عاماً، بالإحتيال على شركتي جوجل وفيسبوك وأخذ ما يقارب الـ100 مليون دولار. وفقاً لمجلة فورتشن والتي نقلت عن وزارة العدل في الولايات المتحدة، قام افالداس على مدى عامين بالتظاهر على أنه إحدى الشركات الأسيوية المصنعة للمعدات والموردة للشركتين المذكورتين. فكيف فعلها؟

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A tablet to replace your Laptop?

Back in 2013, Microsoft attempted to replace our laptops with tablets. This was done with the launch of the Surface Pro lineup, a device that is great for students, or even those who are continuously working on the go. They provided tablets with attachable keyboard covers, a stylus, and enough power to do the job. Soon many companies such as Lenovo, Huawei, Acer, Samsung, HP, Apple (iPad Pro), and many more followed down this path. Here is a list of some of those devices with the most interesting of all being the Eve V.

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هاتف شاومي مي 6

قامت شركة شاومي بالإعلان عن هاتفها الجديد مي 6، في بكين يوم الأربعاء 19 ابريل/نيسان 2017. كالعادة تقدم شركة شاومي هواتف ذات مواصفاتٍ عالية بأسعار رخيصة. يأتي هاتف مي 6 بمعالج Snapdragon 835 الجديد، مع 6 جيجابايت ذاكرة عشوائية (RAM) وسعة تخزين 64 جيجابايت أو 128 جيجابايت.

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كيفية تفعيل جوجل أسيستانت

بدأت جوجل مؤخراً بإطلاق جوجل أسيستانت لمعظم هواتف أندرويد التي تلبي المواصفات المطلوبة. لتفعيل جوجل أسيستانت يجب أولاً التأكد بأنه تم تحديث خدمات جوجل PLAY إلى إصدار 10.2.98، من ثم يتم الضغط على زر الصفحة الرئيسة لعدة ثواني ليتم التفعيل. إحدى المشاكل التي تحصل بعد التفعيل بعدة ساعات هو إختفاء جوجل أسيستانت وعودة جوجل Now. هذه المشكلة قد تحصل عندما تكون لغة البحث في جوجل Now قد غيرت. لإعادة جوجل أسيستانت ما عليكم إلا الدخول إلى إعدادات جوجل Now وإعادة ضبط لغة البحث إلى اللغة الإنجليزية وبذلك سيتم إعادة تفعيل جوجل أسيستانت.

يرجى العلم بأن جوجل اسيستانت لا تدعم اللغة العربية حالياً، وسيكون عليكم استخدامها باللغة الإنجليزية.

لا تنسوا أن تتابعوا كل شي TECH بالضغط على زر Follow على يمين الصفحة، وأيضاً بأن تتابعوا صفحاتنا على الفيسبوك وتوتير.

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Google Assistant disappeared? This is how to get it back!

Google assistant began to roll out to android phones in the Middle East just recently, but not without problems. One problem that is common and that many people are encountering is that Google Assistant seemed to disappear shortly after being activated. Users would long press the home button launching Google Now instead of Google Assistant. Suddenly Google Assistant would disappear off the device without a trace. This is due to a change in the language settings in Google Now and probably the system language. The only way to get it back is to launch Google Now and go to settings, from there you should change the search language to “English”. You should also make sure that the system language is set to “English” as well. A couple of minutes after that and Google Assistant should miraculously reappear.

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