HTC U11 – Much better this time

My overall impression of the HTC U Ultra wasn’t that great and seeing the device first hand didn’t really change my opinion. HTC has just launched the HTC U11, which is greatly making up for the damages the U Ultra has caused. Continue reading “HTC U11 – Much better this time”

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Samsung removes UFS 2.1 from the Galaxy S8 spec sheet

Samsung has recently removed UFS 2.1 from the Galaxy S8 spec sheet. This has happened right after Huawei’s memory substitution scandal on the P10 and P10 Plus. To those that don’t know, Huawei installed different memory chips in the two variants, which resulted in users getting very different read speeds. Seems like Samsung has done the same thing.

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Your smartphone is starting to slow down? Here’s a few solutions

Two of the most interesting Android phones, the LG G6 and Galaxy S8 have just recently become available in the markets. Two devices that offer great features, and that many users will surely enjoy. One thing that might spoil this experience is a phone that suddenly starts “acting weird”. All electronic devices will probably face some problems eventually, from low-end devices to high-end flagship ones.  In this post, I will be focusing on simple solutions you can try when your phone starts to lag, slow down, or seem to use more battery. Of course, the below solutions are NOT restricted to the two brands mentioned earlier.

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هاتف شاومي مي 6

قامت شركة شاومي بالإعلان عن هاتفها الجديد مي 6، في بكين يوم الأربعاء 19 ابريل/نيسان 2017. كالعادة تقدم شركة شاومي هواتف ذات مواصفاتٍ عالية بأسعار رخيصة. يأتي هاتف مي 6 بمعالج Snapdragon 835 الجديد، مع 6 جيجابايت ذاكرة عشوائية (RAM) وسعة تخزين 64 جيجابايت أو 128 جيجابايت.

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نظرة أولى على جهاز أل جي جي 6

في عام 2016 علقت شركة ال جي أملاً كبيرة على هاتفها الذكي الـG5،ولكنه  لم يحقق النجاح المتوقع. فبحسب تقارير 2016, خسرت شركة ال جي ما يقارب الـ381 مليون دولار بسبب ضعف مبيعات الـG5 (التقرير من CNET). لكن كما يبدو أن الشركة قد تعلمت من اخطائها السابقة وهي جاهزة لمواجهة المنافسين بأحدث جهاز من ال جي وهو الـG6.

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Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus vs. S7 and S7 Edge – is it worth the upgrade?

Looking back at 2016, the S7 Edge was hands down one of the best smartphones, with one of the best designs, which it still is to this date. Things have greatly changed with the launch of the S8 and S8 Plus now. With the introduction of the two new devices, Samsung officially came back swinging after their Note 7 demise, with what might be the best design for 2017. So is this new phone good enough to have users upgrade from 2016’s S7 or S7Edge? Here, I will list some features that give the “edge” to the new devices, as well as other features and specifications that might keep away from ever considering upgrading to the new flagship.

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S8 Pre-Order Deals In Lebanon – a letdown?

The Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus pre-order deals in Lebanon have started and unfortunately, it is a letdown. Comparing this to the pre-order deals that started in the US right after the “Unbox your phone” event in New York, it does seem like a real letdown. The pre-order deal in Lebanon includes a 1-year subscription to beIN sports, 3 months subscription to Shahid Plus, and a 10 GB data bundle for 2 months (Touch and Alpha). The pre-order deal would cost you $799 for the S8 and $899 for the S8 Plus. It is worth mentioning that this pre-order deal is also offered by Samsung Levant.

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Huawei Honor 8 Pro Leaked!

Source: Android Authority

The Huawei Honor 8 Pro that is set to launch on April 5th in the US, has been leaked on the Russian Huawei website. The page provided full details of the specifications and the design of the device, which looks amazing. As detailed in the leaks, the device will be powered by an octa-core Kirin 960, 6 GB ram, and will have a storage capacity of 64 GB. The display is a QHD 5.7″ with 515 PPI. The Honor 8 Pro has a 4000 mAh battery, but to say that it could go up to 2 days of continuous operation is a big promise. We’ll have to wait till the launch to see how it actually performs in daily activities.

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Galaxy S8 Pre-Orders

The Galaxy S8 is already available for pre-order in the US less than one day after the unveiling of the device. The pre-order deal is kind of similar to that of the S7, where the customer would get a free Gear VR. The difference is that they have added the new Gear VR Controller for free. For an additional $99, the pre-order deal will also include premium wireless headphones from AKG and a 256 GB SD card. That’s a pretty sweet deal. One question is, will Samsung in the MENA region, and Lebanon specifically, still have pre-order deals? Especially after all the hassle that happened with the Note 7? Well, they should… To do so, would really reflect confidence and that is exactly what the company needs.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

If you’re really into smartphones, then you were probably on the edge of your seat waiting for the Galaxy S8 unpacked event. Samsung today unveiled their newest Galaxy S8 flagships with them “marking the new era” for smartphone design. This statement might indicate that they are “showing off”, but it is spot on. Samsung’s newest approach to smartphone design is, to say the least, stunning.

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